Sunday, 23 January 2011

Birthday Boy Humiliation

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It's Graham's birthday and his best friend has hired him three gorgeous female strippers to entertain him. Not only are they strippers but they give handjobs too and they ask the boys to strip off so they can started. The best friend drops his trousers and shows off his good-sized cock but when the shy Graham does the same he reveals a tiny penis and the girls burst out laughing. They say that in all their time doing this they have never seen anything like it and tease him about having a second belly button not a penis. "I still can't see it," says Amanda as Vivian tries desperately to find Graham's cock. When they do get hold of his one inch dick they struggle to wank it and humiliate him by comparing him to his best friend who has grown to 8 inches thanks to a handjob from the lovely Jess. As she makes the best friend explode, the other girls laugh their heads off when Graham shoots out a tiny puddle by comparison.

Teasing Tiny Cock

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Kaicee and Laura sneak into Dave's room and tie him to the bed so they can interrogate him. They heard his last girlfriend dumped him because his cock was so small and they want to see it. Dave claims his cock is 7 inches but when the girls pulls his trousers down they laugh their heads off and say it's more like 7 centimetres! They start stroking it to see if it will get any bigger but it doesn't impress them. Kaicee gets her tits out to see if that will do the trick and Laura then follows suit, showing off her perfect breasts. This seems to do the trick and Dave's cock starts to harden but the girls look at it wondering why it isn't getting much bigger. Kaicee spits on his cock and Laura jokes that her spit is probably a lot more than his pathetic penis will produce. They don't have to wait long as he shoots his load and the girls giggle at his tiny mess.

Army Medical

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When Ron turns up for his medical to get in the army he is surprised that it is being conducted by three women. He didn't realise he was to be doing physical activities so hasn't brought his gym gear so the three women force him to strip naked ready for the exercises. However, when they yank his underwear down and see how small his cock is the girls are too busy laughing and joking to carry out the physical. They all start peering closer at this tiny penis and prod it, asking him if it is his "little soldier". They sit him down and Sasha gets him in a head lock so he can't move. The other girls then start stroking his cock to see if the pathetic penis can get any bigger. The poor guy starts to get aroused and asks them to stop because he thinks it is "conduct unbecoming of an officer" but the girls want to see how much spunk this tiny dick produces and they soon get their wish!

Cocky Mechanic Humiliation

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Three girls go to the garage to see if their car has been fixed but all they get is a mouthy mechanic and a very expensive quote for the work. Crystal thinks he has " small cock syndrome" and is making up for his tiny willy by being an asshole. He denies it but the girls are angry with his attitude now and decide to find out. Two of them hold him while the third pulls his trousers down and they all laugh at his childish underwear and tiny bulge. They pulls his pants down and burst out laughing when they see his tiny cock. They take turns using two fingers to wank him while giggling and verbally mocking him. Hannah flashes her tits at him to get him harder but the girls are still unimpressed with his size. As they continue stroking his cock he starts to shoot all over the floor and the girls laugh even more at what the tiny penis has produced.

Dodgy Plumbing

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Three girls have been waiting for a Chinese take away delivery for ages. When the guy finally turns up he has brought the wrong order and they are furious. The angry girls start abusing him saying that all Chinese men have tiny cocks. They start stripping him against his will and as they pull his underwear down and se his tiny cock they are in shock. Ruby says it proves she was right about Chinese men being "small" and then comments that maybe he is actually a female - which makes all the girls laugh hysterically. They compare his penis to the size of a noodle and say the mini spring rolls are bigger than his little dick. They start to wank it with two fingers to see if it will grow any bigger. It gets harder but not much larger and the girls are amazed when he starts to cum - they were expecting it to get a lot bigger before that happened!

White Wash

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When Alyssha and Paige return home they are dismayed at how little progress Billy has made white washing their living room. These two horny girls decide he will have to impress them in another way and start undressing him. When Alyssha feels inside his underwear she looks confused and says "is that your cock or one of your balls?" and the girls burst out laughing. When they get him naked they see just how small his cock is and joke that "it's Billy, with the little willy!". Paige says she thinks his baby balls are cute and Alyssha says she could fit his cock and both his balls in her mouth at the same time, they are so small. The girls wonder how much spunk will come out of such little balls and start stroking the tiny cock. Alyssha also licks his balls and he starts cumming on the floor in front of them. The girls aren't impressed though and tell him to get back to work!

Massage Parlor Humiliation

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Two female masseusses are working on a guy's thighs when he says he occasionally gets some stiffness there. The girls find this amusing and point at his groin and say there doesn't look like there's going to be much stiffness in there as it looks a very small bulge. THe guy is shocked but the girls want to investigate more. They pull his underwear off so he is naked and then burst out laughing when they see his cock. The offended guy asks why they are laughing and they launch into some verbal abuse about how tiny his penis is. The girls are giggling and humiliating the poor guy for having a small willy but they still try to get it harder. They take turns wanking it and then one of them gets out her beautiful tits and gives him a tit wank. This gets it harder but not much bigger and as they continue stroking he shoots a load of spunk out which also makes them laugh more than impress them!

The Small Package

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When Laura's package gets delivered it is the wrong one as she ordered a different vibrator. The delivery driver says it's not his fault but he has something bigger in his trousers which might help her out. The girls don't believe him and tell him to show them but when they strip him off all they find is a tiny excuse for a penis. "Can you actually wank that thing?" asks Laura laughing at him. The two girls have a go and only need two fingers to stroke his little willy. They tell him he is pretty worthless and would never be able to satisfy them with that tiny thing. Laura holds the dildo next to his cock and they laugh hysterically at how small the cock is compared to the sex toy. The girls carry on wanking his cock and as they giggle and tease him they position him over the box and make him spunk into it as a "present" for the company for sending the wrong items.